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Welcome to Mood Disorders Clinic (MDC) - a clinical psychology practice offering a friendly and safe space to engage in therapy with highly trained clinical psychologists and clinical registrars. Director and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Ea Stewart, wished to open a clinic where individuals could feel confident about their treatment. As a result, she combined her passion of working with people with mood issues of all types and her passion for providing evidence-based therapy interventions- and the outcome was MDC.

In keeping with providing a safe space and respecting clients' privacy, the clinic is nestled behind the shops on Racecourse Road, and is not visible to traffic or from the footpath.

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Positives to mental health struggles?

  Is it possible to take something positive from your mental health issues? Sometimes it’s not about “getting rid of” the issue or focusing on it as an “abnormal” thing… sometimes it’s about learning to live alongside the struggle in the best way possible. There are numerous issues that are biological in nature and may…
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Exhaustion as a status symbol in society

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