Is Exhaustion a status symbol in society?

We recently posted about exhaustion being a status symbol in society, and based on the feedback - it seems a lot of our audience do too! We though we would go into a little more detail with this short video by Dr Ea Stewart.

What is Group Therapy?

In this video Dr Ea Stewart discusses what Group Therapy is, and how it might benefit you either as a standlone therapy option, or to coincide with your current therapy plans.

How to get the most out of therapy

In this video Dr Ea Stewart discusses How to get the most out of therapy. Sometimes you need to challenge your Psychologist, to ensure you are getting the best outcome from your therapy.

We are NOT superheroes!

    Written by Dr Ea Stewart. There is a reason you didn’t see a new psychologist character added to the latest Avengers movie (FYI, no spoilers here!) – it turns out psychologists do not have superpowers! Whenever I meet someone for the first time and I’m asked: “What do you do?” I immediately consider…
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